The ZiTA gGmbH is deeply committed to promoting an open and democratic society. ZiTA´s sees its diverse and international faculty and student body as a tremendous asset in fostering higher education, research in the humanities, arts and sciences and promoting social entrepreneurship. Inspired by the conviction that the pursuit of knowledge engages and forms all human faculties and thus allows a more compassionate and just society, studying at ZiTA means active engagement in and with knowledge. The goal of each program of study at ZiTA is not just to acquire disciplinary excellence, but also to educate an entire person, one who combines scientific curiosity with critical thinking, expressive power and social empathy.


Based on an innovative variety of students: We use the potentials of individual biographies combining both various life and learning experiences from all around the world.

Our domestic and international students will

  • learn about cultural diversity in approaches to learning

  • engage in a wide range of social contexts and artistic practices

  • uncover and develop their own entrepreneurial potentials, i.e. the confident spirit required to start an own entreprise and build relationships with the structures, mentors, and institutions they need to start their professional careers.


In 2022 we start with “Leadership in Society, Business and Politics”


The programs at ZiTA apply the situational approach

Drawing on the diverse biographies of our students, ZiTA develops the innovative potential of every individual in life and learning experiences that go far beyond the classroom. We aim to foster curious and adventurous individuals who can navigate and support the variety of different social contexts, with the goal of allowing communities to thrive.


The ZiTA gGmbH is located in the international city of Berlin, Germany