ZiTA Concept

The ZiTA, University of Applied Sciences Berlin in formation, in the capital of Germany, refers to Germany´s efforts in the last decennia to promote an open and democratic society. ZiTA´s aim is to use the opportunities, which diversity can give, in higher education, in research in human science, science and technology, as well as in promoting social entrepreneurship. Inspired by the conviction that the pursuit of knowledge engages and forms all human faculties and so contributes greatly to the humanization of society, studying at ZiTA means active engagement. The goal of any program of study is not just to acquire disciplinary excellence, but also the education of a person who combines initiative-taking with reliability, efficiacy, critical analysis and scientific curiosity.

Education helps you to make a difference in the world, in which we all live!

ZiTA is an internationally networking university of applied sciences in formation, and in contact with the Rangsit University Bangkok Thailand and other international universities.

ZiTA´s study programs are in English. They are based on the situational approach and focus on promoting entrepreneurship in the areas of community health management, community diversity management, community education. ZiTA offers internships in the areas of schooling and curating.

With a global perspective and through collaboration with other universities and enterprises, we make knowledge accessible through dialogue, participation in public debate and the developmental perspective.

You can download our complete concept here: