ZiTA Concept

The ZiTA gGmbH is deeply committed to promoting an open and democratic society. ZiTA´s sees its diverse and international faculty and student body as a tremendous asset in fostering higher education, research in the humanities, arts and sciences and promoting social entrepreneurship. Inspired by the conviction that the pursuit of knowledge engages and forms all human faculties and thus allows a more compassionate and just society, studying at ZiTA means active engagement in and with knowledge. The goal of each program of study at ZiTA is not just to acquire disciplinary excellence, but also to educate an entire person, one who combines scientific curiosity with critical thinking, expressive power and social empathy.

Education makes a difference in the world!

ZiTA gGmbH is an internationally networking organisation, and in contact with the Rangsit University Bangkok Thailand, the Stockholm University in Sweden and other international universities.

ZiTA´s study programs are in English. They are based on the situational approach and focus on promoting entrepreneurship in its broadest sense in the areas of community health management, community diversity management, and community education. In an democracy, the arts allow important reflections at the interface between the citizen and society at large: Thus at ZiTA, the arts are part of the core curriculum for every student, including hands-on practice and cooperations with various local cultural institutions.

With our global perspective and through collaboration with other universities and agencies, we produce, articulate and share knowledge with our students through dialogue, project-based work, and participation in public debate.

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