Laura Sukyte-Eickmeyer

Laura Sukyte-Eickmeyer is an executive in a renowned international corporate law firm with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt/Main, Düsseldorf, Munich, London and Brussels. She is the prospective head of the research unit of the Internationale Akademie für Sozialwissenschaften, Organisation und Management – World Citizen Campus – gGmbH (CCW) and a doctoral candidate at the Vilnius University/Lithuania.

In her more than twenty years of management experience as a senior executive, authorised representative with commercial power of attorney (Prokuristin) and member of various directorates and management boards in industry, medium-sized businesses and owner-managed companies, Laura has been leading and developing interdisciplinary teams, project teams and corporate units in change and transformation processes. Laura’s professional expertise covers the areas of strategy, corporate and business development, technology, safety and quality, human resource management and development, leadership, communication, marketing and project management. As a graduate educator (studies and degree at Freie Universität Berlin after previous studies at the Vilnius University), she has expanded her academic background in interdisciplinary technical and commercial fields and completed it with part-time postgraduate studies in business administration as well as completion of the training to obtain the safety-related expertise for occupational safety specialists. Laura is a ECA-Certified Master Business Coach and works as an assistant to the ECA Teaching Coach and INA Teaching Coach/ Co-Lecturer for the part-time training as Certified Master Business Coach of the Internationale Akademie Berlin (INA), founded at the Freie Universität Berlin, which is a certified training in accordance with the quality criteria of the European Coaching Association (ECA) in cooperation with the Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft Berlin-Brandenburg.