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Future Students

We will admit domestic and international students, as well as refugees. ZiTA aims to integrate them into an intercultural community. We are convinced that this interplay of diverse cultural experiences and skills has the potential to overcome social, economic, technological and ecological challenges by applying innovative entrepreneurship.


„Take a problem and turn it into an entrepreneurial idea.“ (Günter Faltin / Jürgen Zimmer in „Reichtum von unten“). ZiTA will support students wishing to create employment facilities for themselves and others both in Germany and globally, using innovative entrepreneurship. ZiTA will accompany start-ups in order to enable their longterm success. The development and realization […]

Centers of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence are practice-driven encounters for learning and application aimed at preparing start-up formations. They provide required free zones in order to turn entrepreneurial ideas into promising business concepts, to test them in practice and subsequently enter the market. Business Coaching shall design success and prevent entrepreneurs finalizing the concept before it has […]

Student Finance

Tuition fees shall be advanced in case of need on loan by third parties. Reimbursement will be agreed according to individual means. In addition a program of Federal Training Assistance funds (BAföG) and scholarships shall be established for students without financial resources. Additional funds shall be acquired for refugees who want to study.